Kosovo revisited all over again

This is part of a conversation, or maybe I should call it a lesson I'm giving, about Kosovo 1999. It's an excuse to remind you about this post I wrote a while back, which went over like a lead balloon: 

If you want to claim a person is guilty of a crime punishable by international law, you don't have to work for a "legal authority" nor through another person. The claim against Clinton et al was filed, and the court ruled it lacked jurisdiction. USA and British air forces bombed civilians in Yugoslavia, in an undeclared war, not sanctioned by the UN Security Council, using falsehoods/lies to justify it.

Belgrade TV Station struck by a smart bomb in 1999.

The court didn't rule that Clinton et al were innocent, it simply said the court had been organized and empowered by certain treaties and resolutions which precluded putting a USA president on trial. 

Here's the claim prepared by Clark, which led to a fairly large project to document what had happened http://iacenter.org/warcrime/indictmt.htm

Unfortunately Clark was getting old, and the people doing the coordinating work were a bunch of commies who didn't focus on the top guys, and lost track of the logic. I got in contact with them via, believe it or not, a libertarian acquaintance. My focus was on documenting what went on PRIOR to the bombing, and the statements by Albright, Cinton, and Blair.

Ramsey Clark's text was slanted, more like a generalized ranting. I would have focused it on factual accounts with an accurate timeline of events, and quoted the main parties as they gradually built up their lies. 

If you wish to read further you can start here: 

Here's a link to an Amnesty International article about this topic: 

Finally, I'd like to repeat the Slobodan Milosevic trial provided the proofs to indict Clinton. This is the reason why the trial was drawn out for many years, and only ended when Milosevic died in his cell (he was never declared guilty by the court). Here's another link you may wish to read, it discusses "Travesty", a book about the Milosevic trial 

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