In the Midst of a Hurricane by Almeida

This article was published in Translating Cuba, a website I've linked as one of my favorite blogs. It discusses the luxurious lifestyle of the Castro familia princelings.

Alejandro "El Tuerto" Castro, Raul's eldest son and 
presumed heir. Alejandro heads the regime's security 
machine, including the "G2" secret police

Antonio "Tony" Castro, one of Fidel's sons,  with 
friends in Turkey. Tony rented a yatch and cruised 
 Turkish tourist spots last summer. See details here

The news have been so negative in recent weeks I've felt like abandoning peaceful resistance and building my own army of killer robots. However, after further thought I think I'll try to keep writing about what I see going on, and maybe it will influence somebody?

"Juan Juan Almeida, 3 October 2016 — At the same time that Hurricane Matthew is setting off alarms throughout the island, especially in the eastern part of the country, the wall of secrecy surrounding the Castro family is starting to crack, allowing us to see that the Cuban government is spending more money on remodeling Mariela Castro’s house than on relief aid to deal with the approaching storm.The numbers speak for themselves. If nothing else, Hurricane Matthew has exposed the sins of Raúl Castro’s family. Satellite images, which do not lie, reveal that from 2013 to the present the government has invested more than double the money at triple the quality on remodelling Princess Mariela’s house —
located at 1513 206th Street (between 15th and 17th) in Havana’s Atabey district — than on preparations for the area that, as of Saturday, remains under a hurricane warning.
On October 1 General Raúl Castro appeared in Santiago de Cuba flanked by the ministers of Transport, Energy and Mines, Construction, Communication, Agriculture and Domestic Commerce. The group also included the president of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, the first deputy minister of Public Health and the deputy minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, General Ramón Espinosa Martín.
The presidential party arrived in eastern Cuba with a shipment of aid that included fiber cement construction panels, zinc, steel and wood panels, asphalt roofing materials, electrical generators, food and water.
(FL comment: these commie oligarchs like to behave as if they owned the island, and that anything the people get is thanks to their generosity and consideration for the population).
The resources are insufficient, I believe, because turning the official residence of General Castro’s daughter, who is also director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education, into a bunker required diverting resources and state assets to invest in construction materials for an expanded housing complex which now includes a perimeter stone wall, lined on its inside face with Jaimanita limestone, and a new security system.
The remodeling project involved replacing the property’s original pool, previously located behind the house, with a new rectangular imported one, now located along the side of the house. An “old shack” was demolished and replaced with a new structure which features precious woods from the Guanahacabibes peninsula, one of Cuba’s principle nature preserves. As though that were not enough, designers and construction workers were used to build and furnish an adjacent bungalow-style guest house. The entire project — including labor, transportation and refreshments for the construction crews — was coordinated by the Revolutionary Armed Forces.
The Hurricane Matthew alert confirms just how much disdain the classless ruling class has for the Cuban people. If General Raúl Castro really wants to stamp out corruption by the root, he should start by cleaning up his own house"

For those who read Spanish, here's an article about Fidel's son Tony Castro, one of the other princes of what's emerging as a National Socialist (Nazi for short) dictatorship with an hereditary upper caste and a slave population whose destiny is to serve as waiters and prostitutes for foreign tourists. And all of this with Obama's and the Pope's blessings and connivance. Aint life a bitch? 

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