Netanyahu´s Two State Solution

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu has announced his full, unconditional support for the creation of two Palestinian nations. Each independent, and fully sovereign, state would be  intended to accommodate separate Shiite and Sunni populations now living in  the Holy Land (Israel, the Occupied Palestinian territories, Gaza,  Southern Israel,  portions of Syria under Israeli occupation, and Syrian Shiites/Alawites who want to seek refuge from the Islamic State hordes). 

Netanyahu announcing his proposal to the US Congress

In a speech to a joint session of the US Congress, the Prime Minister proposed the two Palestinian states occupy most of the land now known as the State of Texas. This large state would be divided, with the border between the two Palestinian states drawn along the Brazos River. A 60 thousand Km2 sector of the Texas Panhandle, with its capital in Amarillo, would be reserved for those current Texas residents refusing to become residents in either of the two Muslim states.

Map Depicting two Palestinian States in Texas, 
(map released by the Israeli Embassy in Washington)

Netanyahu´s proposal has been received enthusiastically by 6 million Palestinian Sunnis, who look eagerly to living in their brand new state. Their Shiite and Allawite counterparts, which number about 4 million, are also cheering the proposal. They feel they got the better of the two sectors, because it includes both Dallas-Forth Worth and Houston, and look forward to having houses with green lawns. However, the Sunnis feel their new state has the oil riches they need, and also includes the nuclear power plant near Bay City.

Palestinians cheer Netanyahu´s proposal to 
let them take over Texas (photo Huffington Post)

During a subsequent joint press conference with Netanyahu, Congressional leader John Boehner (R. Ohio) expressed his full support for the proposal. The Prime Minister opened the press conference with the following words:

“Let me reiterate something that I’ve said before but needs to be said again and again,” Netanyahu said, standing next to the Ohio Republican. “The people of Israel know that we have no better friend in the world than the United States of America. And the American people should know that they have no better friend in the world than the State of Israel.”

Boehner added, “[A]s you said, the bonds between the United States and Israel are as strong as ever. We cooperate with you on many different levels. And while we may have political disagreements from time to time, the bonds between us are strong and they’re going to continue to be strong.”

Boehner and Netanyahu have formed an alliance, of sorts, in recent months. It seems their discussions were successful, and the Ohio Republican invited Netanyahu to Washington to address Congress to make his proposal.

President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu had held very heated discussions prior to Netanyahu´s announcement.  Obama proposed they stick to previous UN Resolutions and treaties. Netanyahu, on the other hand, felt he needed to have a final solution to the problem posed by the Palestinians and the Shiites living just over the border in South Lebanon and Syria.  

As was to be expected, Netanyahu´s proposal caused an uproar and angered the Obama administration. But President Obama is powerless to stop the removal of Texas state territory given overwhelming Congressional will to donate the land. However, he vowed to badmouth Israel as much as possible to avenge the loss. This led to statements in support of Obama by Rabbi Beck, Ron Paul, Mel Gibson, and other important figures.  

President Obama looks upset as Netanyahu
 lays out his plans (photo Fox News)

Texas State experts appointed by Governor Abbott, a strong Israel supporter, have estimated that 27 million Texas would fit in the portion of the state left for them under the new arrangement. The population density, 450 persons per square kilometer, would be much lower than the density seen in Gaza, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Governor Abbott stated: 

“We know America is a land of promise for those who work hard and pursue a dream. But the original Promised Land--and our greatest ally in the Middle East--Israel, is under attack from radical Islamists…..Join me in sending a message to President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry that Texans stand with Israel.”

Netanyahu explained his move by reminding the media his strong commitment to keep the people of Israel safe and secure. He also acknowledged  he had  made a statement on Israeli radio that that he was against a Palestinian state. But yesterday he clarified that, under the present circumstances, given US congressional agreement to give up most of Texas, the conditions were ripe for a two-state solution.


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