Venezuelan ambassador: A bullet going through an opponent´s head makes a hollow sound

Roy Chaderton, Venezuela´s ambassador to the Organization of American States, made a very controversial statement speaking on Venezuelan national TV´s “Zurda Conducta” (Leftist Behavior) show.

The asshole who represents Venezuela
 in the Organization of American States

The following is my translation of what he said (note: a “squalid is the term used by the chavistas to refer to those opposed to the Maduro regime, which happen to be about 80 % of the population):
"The snipers aim at the head, but a squalid´s head isn´t unlike a chavista head,  except the content . The sound produced by a squalid´s  head is much smaller, it is like a snap, because the opposition cranium is hollow , so the bullet goes through quickly , but it´s passage  is known after the projectile passes , "
A video with subtitles in English is shown here:

You Tube Video: Asshole making controversial statement. 

Chaderton used to be a diplomat. He has been “Venezuelan ambassador” to the OAS since 2008. Prior to that he held diplomatic posts in over a dozen nations. I suspect his behavior has changed as chavismo has gradually changed into its current “rabid dog” personality.

This reminds me of Hollywood assholes who have been very supportive of the Chavez and Maduro regime. They have been extremely well paid to do their propaganda. I think of them as the “Lord Haw Haws” of one of the most evil and diseased regimes we have on this planet.

Oliver Stone with the Monster of Miraflores, Nicolás Maduro

Danny Glover hugs Hugo Chávez. Media reports say Glover
 got paid $18 million by Chávez to make a movie he never made. 

Actor sucking up to Chávez.  I can´t remember his name. 

This is Roy Chaderton´s Wikipedia page.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Chaderton

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