Join the People´s Climate March

The People´s Climate March is just the beginning of a new social(ist) revolution.  All of us ought to consider joining it to publicize our individual political demands. I´ve prepared this sample Watermelon Party poster to show you how it can be done:

 People´s March Watermelon
 Party Poster (updated Soviet poster)

By now you probably figured out I´m not very fond of communists because I have seen the poverty and human rights abuses which seem to be congenital to communism.

Cuban shanty town, the face of communism they
don´t want you to see (Tampa Bay Times photo).

The People´s Climate March may be a good opportunity to march and with  signs about what is going on in “socialist” countries like Venezuela.

2014 Protest in Venezuela.
Like most protests it didn´t achieve anything

Please join us on September 21, and march for whatever suits you.

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