The dialogue between Maduro and Opposition

The Maduro regime or dictatorship and the opposition have begun a "dialogue" which is supposed to end the conflict caused by the regime's cancelation of the recall referendum, the hunger and misery that prevail in Venezuela, and the escalating human rights abuses. The talks, which began with a short speech by Maduro, are being guided by a high level Vatican emissary and three ex presidents who appear to be on Maduro's payroll. 
Maduro and opposition General Secretary Chuo Torrealba
This  "dialogue" will fail. The Maduro dictatorship uses it as a cover for the ongoing imposition of a reign of terror by its secret police (The SEBIN), which behaves exactly like the Castro's G2 and Ministry of Interior forces, the Stasi, the KGB, and the Gestapo. This is easy to understand if we study their pedigree. 
Sebiners are trained by Cuban dictatorship agents, quite a few of which are embedded in the Maduro repression machine. The Cubans were in turn trained by the Stasi and KGB, and the Stasi inherited agents and methods from the Gestapo. 
Thus this dialogue is being used to give time to the Cubans to finish implementing their Orwellian repressive apparatus. And this is being done as Obama, the European Union, the Pope, and many others try oh so kindly to help the Castro family remain as the head of one of the most horrifying and evil entities of the 21st century.

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