The pope and Raúl Castro

There's a significant amount of writing on the Pope's political aims. His cozy relationship with Raúl Castro is seen as an indicator. 

Francis shakes hands with a senile Fidel Castro

I'll give you a flavor as follows: 
From Babalu Blog: 
...during his visit to Cuba, it became disappointingly clear that Pope Francis made a conscience decision to turn a blind eye to the evils of communism and the suffering of the Cuban people under the tyranny of the communist Castro dictatorship. Pope Francis went out of his way avoid offending Cuba’s apartheid regime and paid little to no attention to the island’s brave and courageous Catholic dissidents. Throughout his visit, as the Pope enjoyed his events with Castro regime officials and social gatherings with Raul and Fidel Castro, Catholic dissidents were being viciously beaten and arrested .
The Stream Blog
"Marxists, Marxist ideas and Marxist regimes have brought death and destruction to millions. Yet according to Pope Francis, “if anything, the communists think like Christians.” What’s going on here?
Within the first year of his pontificate, Francis’s strong criticisms of economic globalization and capitalism resulted in him being accused of having Marxist sympathies. Such charges, however, are demonstrably false.
....later in the same article....
Nevertheless, in the same interview in which Francis described Communism as wrong, he immediately added, “But I have met many Marxists in my life who are good people.” One wonders if the pope would say something similar, for example, about Nazis: “But I have met many Nazis in my life who are good people."
The Pope's role in sustaining the Maduro dictatorship will be judged by history based on the dialogue's results, and whether the Vatican continues to remain silent on the regime's genocidal behavior. 
For example, in spite of the acute shortage of medicines, the regime has blocked distribution of medicines sent by Caritas, the catholic charity. These medicines are already in La Guaira, and are not passing customs because the dictatorship doesn't want to lose face. Meanwhile people are dying. This is genocidal behavior, and thus far Bergoglio remains silent. 
So I do encourage you, dear reader, to take a stand and condemn both the Pope's and Samper's behavior, because they are supporting and enabling a Nazi like regime to remain in power. 

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