What Cuba needs

I understand the Obama administration, its "progressive" supporters, agribusiness and corporate interests, cruise ship lines, and the mainstream media allied with these factions think the USA should abandon current economic sanctions against the Castro family dictatorship. But I think the following key items are needed at this time: 

  • The unconditional release of all political prisoners and the repeal of all laws that violate fundamental freedoms.
  • Freedom of speech, press, association, assembly, peaceful demonstration, profession and religion.
  • And end of special privileges and status for the Communist Party and its members.
  • The participation of the people in every decision of the nation, the legalization of all political parties and free and multiparty elections.
These changes are needed because Obama's proposal will strengthen the dictatorship, and allow a transfer of power from Raul Castro to his son Alejandro, and on to younger Castro generations. 

 The two Castro dinosaurs 

Alejandro Castro, Raul's son and next
 in line to sit in the Castro throne.

Their plan is to cement themselves in power with USA assistance, and screw the people forever. 

2 comentarios:

  1. So, do you believe that ALL countries that refuse to adopt these "key items" should face the same crippling economic sanctions or is Cuba a special case?

    You claim that Obama's policy will strengthen the dictatorship? So, how has the policy that you support worked out for the last 50 years? In exactly what way would the Cuban dictatorship be stronger and more repressive if we had abandoned our failed policies sooner?

    1. Joel, I focus on Cuba because I was born there. Governments ought to shape foreign policy pragmatically but preserve a sense of decency and defend human rights.

      Your argument, which copies Obama's, is that USA foreign policy "hasn't worked, therefore we must change it" reveals significant ignorance about what goes on in Cuba at this time:

      Fidel is senile, his mind has stopped working and he can't discuss anything in public (those photo ops are intended to convince people he's fine and enhance the personality cult). Raul is old, wants to leave office in 2018, and hand power to his son Alejandro, a one eyed psychopath who heads the security services.

      Raul, Alejandro, and the red oligarchs around them understand communism is a miserable failure. They want to shift to a Chinese style neofascist centrally controlled system, ruled by a military and communist party caste with a Castro at the top. But their change process is clunky and they are weakening because their main source of cash, Venezuela, is falling apart as chavismo implodes in an orgy of violence, human rights abuses, and crimes against humanity.

      Thus Obama's moves are extremely ill timed and seem to aim at preserving the dictatorship. Obama is wrong.

      Finally, the list I showed is nearly identical to a list drafted by resistance organizations in Cuba. My post was simply intended to signal support for their statement.