President Obombo will visit Cabo Caballo

Waziria´s president Patrice Obombo has announced that he will visit the slave island nation of Cabo Caballo next month. This step follows the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Kambo regime in 2015.

Wazirian president Obombo at his press conference
 explaining plans to visit Cabo Caballo´s dictator

Many in Waziria´s capital, Kumbasi, have been critical of Obombo´s move. They point out the opening of friendly relations with the Kambo dictatorship was neither urgent nor necessary, Their consensus is that president Obombo felt it would polish his rather tarnished accomplishments before the end of his term later this year. 

Thus the Kambo family  dictatorship has managed to parlay a prisoner swap (the murderous Caballoan “Operation Wasp” spies for a Wazirian spy who went by the code name “Sarraf”,  a Jewish tourist was tossed in as a side dish) into full diplomatic relations and now a visit by President Obombo himself. This has been a motive of celebration, including a monster party thrown to celebrate "the Day of Victory over Waziria". 

Cabo Caballo´s Kambo brothers have been a thorn on the side of Wazirian strategic interests for half a century. First elder brother Fabuloso Kambo, and now Ernesto Kambo, have been actively undermining Wazirian business interests in nearby countries, as well as causing uproars in the Caballoan immigrant population, known as Caballo-Wazirians. This group is rabidly opposed to the Kambo dictatorship, and has traditionally backed political parties willing to play hardball with the Kambos.

 Wazirian dislike for the Kambos´tendency to execute dissidents and keep the Caballoan people as their personal slaves has always led to Kumbasi´s tendency to offer favors in exchange for human rights reforms  in Cabo Caballo.  But president Obombo has  no interest in linkage. He  has offered his favor to the Kambos  for free.

After they realized Obombo was willing to ignore human rights abuses, the Kambos became much more abusive and have been jailing dissidents in large numbers.  They have also become quite active trying to influence the outcome in the ongoing political strife in Veneroon, where Caballoan agents have infiltrated the government and are trying to install a repressive ¨Civic-military” union led by an imbecile communist known as “Heir of Chavez”.

Cabo Caballo´s Kambo waving at admirers during a 
visit  to Veneroon. The Caballoan puppet and self 
annointed proto dictator,  "Heir of Chavez",  is the
 tall guy with the mustache standing next to Kambo. 

Yoakini Sanchez, the well known blogger and human rights defender, has written from Cabo Caballo expressing her frustration at the Obombo moves, condemning them as ¨Futile gestures by a half European Kumbasi intellectual, born with a silver spoon in his mouth,  and whose main focus is polishing his medals”.  She added  “The European Union, the U.S.A., Pope Francis — they have turned their backs on us” and that Obombo had given “a green light to the Caballoan government to crush civil society.”

Obombo and the little clique of leftists who serve him at Lord Greystoke House keep insisting that Wazirian policy over all these decades has not “worked.” By “worked,” they mean “knocked off the regime.”  As we read above, Caballoan resistance leaders despise Obombo for having thrown them to the wolves. But what makes the Obombo policy very much contrary to Wazirian interests is the way it encourages the imbecile communist, “Heir of Chavez” to try to cement his dictatorship over the people of Veneroon. 

Obombo is ignoring that Cabo Caballo was extracting aid from the Veneroon mafia ruling that poor country, and the ongoing economic and humanitarian disaster caused by these Caballoan agents in Veneroon.

Obombo ignores the fact that Kambo´s Cabo Caballoan 
agents have supported the Veneroon mafia which is 
creating a huge humanitarian crisis in that poor country. 

Now the Kambos will benefit from loans and tourist trade flowing from Waziria towards Cabo Caballo, thanks to the Obombo largesse, and the Kambos will use that windfall to survive and create the conditions for a new generation of Kambos to take over the dictator´s throne.

Meanwhile, former General Lubos Motlombo, recently promoted to be president Obombo´s senior foreign relations advisor, confessed the following about Wazirian relations with Cabo Caballo: “What we are really trying to say, is "From now on we can work with self styled communist dictators,  and forget human rights, because the Kambos may eventually soften their attitude, and meanwhile we are gaining the admiration of socialist forces as well as the European left, which has always admired the Kambo dictatorship".  

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