Pro-Venezuelan dictatorship propaganda at The Guardian

The Guardian, a leftist newspaper I like to read, published an open letter signed by prominent members of the UK´s communistoid elite. I use the term communistoid because many of them like to hide their true political pedigree. The fall of the Soviet Union, China´s conversion into a mixed capitalist system with a fascist command structure, and the diseased dictatorships in North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba have made communism as popular as cancer.

However, communists have learned to disguise their nature, and today we see them crawling out of the darkness dressed as populist demagogues, bus drivers, and ancient generals turned into kindly old men. 

The Monster of Miraflores, Nicolás Maduro, 
with his now UN Ambassador, Rafael Ramirez. 
Cilia Flores, the Monster´s wife, sits in back
Cilia is always  within a couple of  meters of 
Maduro when he´s in public.  Some say  she´s 
the one who wears the pants in their relationship. 

These are usually men (we seldom see any women unless they happen to be the paramour du jour or the loyal wife who stands two steps behind her glamorous husband).

To give you an example of the willingness of these hyenas who howl supporting the most criminal regimes in this universe, here´s a quote from The Guardian article:

“We note with grave concern the announcement of the discovery of a plot to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela in a coup on 12 February (Venezuelan general arrested over plot to topple president, officials say, 13 February). Officials have said the plans included violent attacks on the presidential palace and other government buildings. The thwarting of this latest coup attempt comes as leaders of Latin American countries have warned of a similar situation developing in Venezuela to that which preceded the coup against Salvador Allende in Chile in 1973, which led to the horrendous dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.”

The Venezuelan dictatorship loves to use these supposed coup attempts to justify their ugly repression.  And if anybody doubts the repression is real, consider these cases: 

Basil da Costa, shot in the back of the head in 
Caracas after a student protest  by a   government 
secret police agent. The agent  was never placed on
 trial, but  there were several videos and stills of the 
incident taken by local residents using cell phones.  

Genesis Carmona, student shot in the head by a 
government agent in Valencia during the 2014 protests

Geraldine Moreno, killed by a shotgun blast in the face 
by a government agent during a student protest in Valencia. 
 She was so disfigured I don´t want to show the photograph. 

The government propaganda is repeated by ugly  communistoid regime supporters. The propaganda ignores the terrible shape of the Venezuelan economy, the repression, the jail massacres, the lack of food, and the enormous suffering imposed by the monster in Miraflores, Nicolás Maduro. Is he a monster? Yes, Nicolás Maduro is a monster. He´s gradually emerging as a megalomaniac and a psychopath, who uses brute force and pain  upon the people to hold power.

Pilger sucking up to Chávez (many of these
 guys have previous links to the Venezuelan regime)

So who are the authors of this little piece I quote from? Here are the people who signed it, and a brief description I searched using Google. You can make up your mind about The Guardian, the nature of its editors, and the nature of the people who are willing to sign this garbage.

John Richard Pilger is a journalist based in London. Lives in the United Kingdom, age 75.

Tariq Ali is an English Pakistani writer, journalist, and filmmaker. He is a member of the editorial committee of the New Left Review and Sin Permiso, and contributes to The Guardian, CounterPunch, and the London Review of Books.

Linton Kwesi-Johnson is a UK-based dub/reggae poet.

Victoria Brittain is a journalist and writer. She has spent much of her working life in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, writing for The Guardian

 Andy De La Tour is an English actor and screenwriter. He has appeared in many films including Plenty, Notting Hill, the Roman Polanski version of Oliver Twist and "44"

 Ian Davidson MP (Lab) -  Can´t find anything about this guy worth mentioning.

 Dave Anderson MP (Lab) - Can´t find anything about this guy worth mentioning.  

George Galloway MP (Respect) is a British politician, broadcaster, and writer. Since late March 2012 he has been the Respect Party Member of Parliament (MP). This guy is pretty controversial.

Neil Findlay MSP (Lab) Personal Interests: Socialising with friends (going for a pint!), golf, cooking, gardening and cycling.

Bethan Jenkins AM (Plaid Cyrmu),  is a 34 year old  Welsh politician, has represented the South Wales West Region for Plaid Cymru as a Member of the National Assembly for Wales since 2007. The BBC has reported she was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Lord John Nicolas Rea, 3rd Baron Rea, commonly known as Nicolas Rea (born 6 June 1928), a British peer, politician and doctor. This dude is incredibly old.

Kate Hudson CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) is a British far-left political activist and academic who is the CND General Secretary and National Secretary of Left Unity.

Derek Wall,  is an English economist and  politician,  member of the Green Party of England and Wales. He is currently International Coordinator of the Green Party. This dude is the ultimate watermelon, here´s a quote from an interview he gave:

“if we are to tackle ecological crisis we need socialism, capitalism is totalitarian…So the future has to be red-green”

John Hendy is a barrister specialising in the areas of employment, human rights, health & safety, personal injury and professional discipline.

Manuel Cortes is from Gibraltar,  General Secretary of TSSA - the union for people in transport and travel. President of the Greece Solidarity Campaign (engaged in an active movement to support the communist/populist Syriza regime).

Steve Turner is Assistant General Secretary of Britain and Irelands largest trade union, Unite. His responsibilities include supporting and organising the union's young  and retired members, the union’s international and political work and Unite's community membership, mobilisation and organising strategy. He is the National Chairperson of the People´s Assembly Against Austerity

Kevin Courtney, Deputy General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers

Dr Francisco Dominguez is a senior lecturer at Middlesex University, where he is head of the Centre for Brazilian and Latin American Studies, and secretary of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign. Dominguez moved to Britain in 1979 as a Chilean political refugee.

Richard Gott is a British journalist and historian. A former Latin America correspondent and features editor for the British newspaper The Guardian, he is known for his radical politics and a connection to Che Guevara.

John Smith General Secretary at Musicians' Union

Jeff Cuthbert Labour Party member of the National Assembly for Wales

So this crop of pro dictatorship defenders of  human rights abuses by Maduro and his thugocrats is made up of correspondents and writers with previous links to the Guardian, a few Members of the British Parliament, union leaders, a barrister (aka lawyer), an actor, and a college professor from Chile.

There´s no doubt, the  Guardian is a platform for lies and propaganda issued by one of the most unsavory and despicable regimes on the planet. A real Venezuela Solidarity Campaign should start by standing for freedom of expression, so chant  “Fuck the Guardian” to get things started. 

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