The Lima Global Warming Conference has ended

The UN´s Global Warming conference, held in Lima, issued a very weak resolution. Summarizing, they couldn´t come to an agreement, and postponed further action until after the Christmas holidays. The media has articles which range from ho hum to victory chants meant to disguise this failure. The conference opened with a very moving speech by Ban Ki Moon about Global Warming...

Ban Ki Moon BSing and asking for ´
$100 billion a year at the Lima conference

Yahoo News wrote this about the opening speech: 

Ban said there was still a chance of limiting global warming to an internationally agreed ceiling of 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial times to help avert floods, droughts, desertification and rising sea levels.

"But the window of opportunity is fast narrowing," he told delegates from about 190 nations at the Dec. 1-12 talks working on a deal, due in Paris in a year's time, to limit rising world greenhouse gas emissions.

"This is not a time for tinkering; it is a time for transformation," he said.

Ban urged developed nations to "meet and exceed" a wider goal set in 2009 of mobilizing at least $100 billion a year, in both public and private finance, by 2020 to help developing nations.

Uhu, so this is mainly about moving a lot of  cash from A to B. 

The resolution includes a really funny paragraph:

“Noting with grave concern the significant gap between the aggregate effect of Parties’ mitigation pledges in terms of global annual emissions of greenhouse gases by 2020 and aggregate emission pathways consistent with having a likely chance of holding the increase in global average temperature below 2 °C or 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels”

That 1.5 degrees C above pre industrial levels means about 0.7 degrees C above the 21st century average. I´m not about to start a debate over whether the world is going to warm or not. We know these guys take the IPCC as the Lord´s Gospel on Earth. This means they think temperature is going to be rising at 0.17 degrees C per decade (they also think there´s nothing we can do about it, in spite of the renewables BS they like to crank out, but this is Top Secret, they don´t like to share the fine print they derive from their climate models at these conferences).

The UN Conference was attended
 by a very diverse group of people. 

So, according to these UN “experts”  we are supposed to stop burning fossil fuels and go cold cocked into their bright new world, in which the Chinese and Indians refuse to stop increasing emissions until 2030. Which tells me Ban Ki Moon, the Indian dude who runs the IPCC, Hansen, Gore, and Obama are crazy. 

Ban Ki Moon issued a statement about the conference results:

 “The decisions adopted in Lima, including the Lima Call for Climate Action, pave the way for the adoption of a universal and meaningful agreement in 2015,” the UN spokesperson said in a statement. “The Secretary-General urges all Parties, at their first meeting in February next year, to enter into substantive negotiations on the draft text of the 2015 agreement coming from the Conference.”


The following link takes you to the latest Conference Draft.

UNFCCC 2014 Lima Conference Draft Resolution 

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