Links to my most popular funny stories from 2014

These are links to some of the most popular posts from 2014. I kept out material loaded with politics and global warming scientific papers I like to write. If you want to see the list and the links read on...

I was a triple agent of the CIA, KGB, and MI6

I was  a triple CIA, KGB and MI6 agent for a while. I can confess it now, because we are at the end of history,  and nothing happens anymore. I got into this mess when oil prices fell in 1986 and I was concerned because there was little work. So I sent  my resume to all the spy and intelligence agencies worldwide. I was so desperate I even sent a letter to the Mabaheth of Saudi Arabia and the Israeli Mossad…

How to become the president of a LARGE Corporation

How do you get to be president of a large company? There are several methods, however,  in most cases the president of the company  won´t know how to run it.

My Friend Lenin

When I was young I  had a friend named Lenin. This was his first name; his full name was Lenin Antonio Restrepo Barca.

I want to be President of Azerbaijan

I've been thinking that I should be the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, because it has a lot of oil and an ideal climate, and the rewards can be huge.  The first thing I will do is undergo  plastic surgery to look younger, like Berlusconi.

The birth of Scientology
Last year I found the way Scientology was invented by L. Ron Hubbard when I  was looking up old science fiction stories I could download. Just be sheer accident I found a web page which copied a post in alt.religion.scientology newsgroup, dated May 2nd, 1995.

President Obombo opens relations with Cabo Caballo

Kumbasi -- President Patrice Obombo announced a successful prisoner exchange with Waziria´s neighbor, the slave island nation of Cabo Caballo, as well as the re-establishment  of diplomatic relations with the regime led by President Ernesto Kambo. 

Bill Fisher´s Penguin

This is a sad story, a story about the death of a poor penguin that was burned in southern Argentina.

I almost died in Llancanelo

Around the time that Bill Fisher was incinerating the penguin, my friend Horacio and I went to visit Mendoza province in Argentina. Horacio was overweight,  at least 60 years old, and I was 28, which meant he was the boss and I carried his bags.  We flew from Buenos Aires to the city of Mendoza. There we rented a Ford Falcon, and drove to a small town near the Neuquen border, San Rafael, where we got two rooms in the best hotel in town.

My battle with the roaches in Kazakhstan

I had the pleasure of taking a tour of Kazakhstan, the homeland of Borat in July 1991. This country is located North of Turkmenistan, Northeast of Azerbaijan and South of  Russia. At that time it was known for having a lot of oil,  and warehouses full of  uranium to build atomic bombs. Mr. Nazarbayev was president during my visit, I think he  remains president today.

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