Castrochavism Organization and Influence Diagram

I prepared a diagram to lay out the Castrochavism organization as it has evolved in the first two decades of the 21st century. The diagram became more and more complex as I sketched it with powerpoint, and eventually I decided it was too busy to include more detail.

Castrochavism Diagram. Feel free to copy and
 paste elsewhere to see a more detailed view

Key points to note are the Legend, which codes countries where autocracy or tyranny are already in power, countries evolving towards autocracy, and countries where castrochavism has been defeated, for now. I also included these sets of controversial links:

1. From Pope Francis (Bergoglio) to Cuba, Venezuela, and Argentina. Bergoglio has been a long term supporter of Cristina Kirchner, and hard core Argentinian communists (like de Bonafini). He showed key support for the Castro dictatorship by visiting Cuba twice at the beginning of his papacy. And he was a key player in defeating the opposition protest movement in Venezuela when he organized the failed dialogue in late 2016. 

2. From Obama. Obama became a key supporter of the evolution of the Maduro dictatorship when he legitimized the Castro dictatorship and provided it with economic benefits, while failing to negotiate that Castro cease his de facto invasion of Venezuela with tens of thousands of spies, military personnel, political advisors, and key mentoring from high level Cuban officials based in Havana. 

3. From China. China has been a key supporter, although its mostly interested in extending its mercantilist empire. Chinese support has been mostly in the forms of loans, which Maduro has ha difficulty paying back with oil, or by purchasing Chinese goods. The chinese have extended or delayed payments, recognizing that Maduro´s corruption and mismanagement have destroyed the Venezuelan economy. 

4. I don´t see much tangible  support from Russia towards Cuba or Venezuela. They have agreed to sell weapons to both, Rosneft has made a few token payments to purchase Joint Venture participation in Venezuela, and Russia gives token support via its propaganda machine (Russian TV, etc) to both regimes (although one could argue Bernie Sanders and CNN give more tangible propaganda support). However, I think Obama´s help has been much more inportant, and was the key factor which induced Maduro to move forcefully towards full scale dictatorship. 

The other portions of the diagram are fairly simple. In Brazil, the Lula/Rouseff machine made a pact with Odebrecht, which in turn used its corruption apparatus to finance political candidates and buy off politicians in coordination with the Brazilian regime. Significant amounts of money and oil flow from Venezuela to Cuba, Nicaragua, and Caribbean nations, which have installed autocracies such as Ortega in Nicaragua, or far left regimes subservient to Cuban guidance (El Salvador, several Caribbean nations). Money has also flowed from Venezuela to finance individuals associated with far left populist parties in Europe, the most significant being Podemos in Spain and Syriza in Greece. 

I don´t want to make this into a long post detailing everything I know, I intend it to lay out the basic structure, to make the reader understand that an extensive miniempire is emerging, which intends to install autocracies or tyrannies disguised as democracy (sometimes the disguise is quite thin, but it seems to work with the naive and poorly informed). These autocracies are ostensibly supposed to install a form of socialism, although some of them are openly discussing an utopian communism end state. 

However, I´m sure their leaders realize this utopian communism isn´t going to work, and they are quite satisfied if the end point is a variant of the Chinese neofascist system, which blends centralized control by a small upper caste,  a harsh dictatorship, modern population control technologies, and a "socialist" veneer. 

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