The Imperial Order Code of Conduct

The Imperial Order Code of Conduct is the set of standards by which all officers of the Empire live up to and are measured by. 

Article 5.

"Officers of the Imperial Order are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct at all times, especially when communicating with other officers via Whatsap, Skype, and E-Mail. Officers are to respect and treat their inferiors according to their rank, birth line and religion.

Emperor and Darth Banon action figures 

Article 6.

When an imperial Nobleman of the Great Order of the Dragon is assigned as senior counselor to his Imperial Majesty, he has full authority and responsibility for managing the activities within the framework of policy and direction set by the Emperor. 

His primary responsibility is to organize and direct those assigned and ordered resources for efficient and effective control of the nation and enhancement of the Emperor's wellbeing, that is whenever his Vid appearances receive a "Big Plus" from 80 % of the commoner population, or when his personal wealth increases faster than 7% per annum."

I understand the above articles to give Darth Banon full authority to command the Palace eunuchs to do as he pleases, provided the orders do meet established criteria.

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