Raúl Castro incites Maduro to destroy Venezuela

Maduro is mentored or bossed by the Castro dictatorship. Maduro, Jaua, Silva, and others in the government were educated in Cuba when Fidel was in charge and they were very keen on sustaining a communist dictatorship. 
However, the communist system failed, Fidel sickened and then became senile, and his brother Raul took over. Raúl used to be a Marxist in the 60's, but eventually he realized the system had to evolve. So now he's trying to change towards a limited version of the Chinese hybrid, with a heavy military flavor. 
So the problem Raúl faces in his colonization of Venezuela is the training Maduro and his guys were given by Fidel, and the heavy narco presence in the regime (the Cabello faction is heavily into the cocaine trade). Raúl does control Maduro to a large extent, but that control is given legitimacy by a shared belief in Chávez/Fidel dogma (Marxist dictatorship and the use of state resources to undermine democracy and implement Marxism in other nations). 
Maduro is "run" by Raúl Castro 

Thus Raúl has to walk a fine line. There's also a high probability he's told Maduro to destroy the economy and society as fast as possible, to induce a rebellion and allow the state security system to repress it, make a move similar to Erdogan's. This means the people are being goaded by Maduro, who increasingly approaches what may be called a genocidal policy, with people dying of disease and hunger, or being murdered by criminal gangs and by extrajudicial killings carried out by police and military. 
Isn't it interesting that thousands of Venezuelans are losing their lives and people are being driven into misery by a regime which receives so much help and sympathy from the international left?

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