Mid April Venezuela: how to fight the Maduro regime

In recent weeks we have seen Venezuela continue its descent into hell. The Maduro Mafia is losing international support, but it continues to use the Supreme Court and the repression machine to stay on top. 

The IMF predicts inflation should increase beyond 1000 % in 2017, GDP is falling, food and medicine shortages continue. The same applies to the ongoing crime wave, which is so bad now we see public lynchings as people take the law in their own hands.  

Victim of lynching lies on the street 

There's no water, the electric power grid suffers continuous cuts, the main power source for the country is about to collapse, and Maduro keeps signing deals with the Castro dictatorship and keeps sending oil and  dollars to Cuba. 

I don't think anything will happen unless the National Assembly turns the screws tighter. The best way they can do so is to continue legislating to have the Supreme Court shoot them down with spurious decisions, plus they can use their tenuous control over the purse by issuing resolutions and or laws which warn foreign parties not to enter into agreements or make loans with a government which refuses constitutional controls and is known to be extremely corrupt. 

A very strategic change would also be to ensure that Maduros link to Raúl Castro, and the fact that Venezuela is semi colonized by the Cuban dictatorship is well know to the Venezuelan people and the international community. 

As you know I lived in Venezuela, and I saw the Cuban command and control system close up. But Venezuelans have been too proud (or scared?) to acknowledge a smaller, poorer country took over their government.

Some links

Supreme Court rules against National Assembly: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-36021976

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