Former NBA star Chris Mullin joins Mets baseball team

It has now been 15  years since NBA star Chris Mullin  last played in a professional basketball game, but his playing days are still not over. The youthful looking 50-year-old Mullin, bored with his job as head basketball coach, went 12-for-27 (.444) in seven simulated games with the New York Mets, and next week he's heading to Florida to start his professional baseball  playing career. 

Mullin during his surprising baseball tryout
According to his agent (Chris Ford, who used to represent Dikembe Mutombo and other NBA stars), Mullin has signed with the New York Mets for $2 million plus performance bonuses. 
When asked what led to this surprising career change, Ford explained "Chris has been playing with his team to stay in shape, and developed a supernatural ability to catch anything thrown his way and return it at high speed. This was noticed by a Mets scout visiting the Saint John's campus, and eventually led to a secret tryout, where Chris showed he has incredible lateral  range at second base, which coupled with his height and leaping ability, plus his Pete Rose batting and running skills,  make him a cinch to become the Mets' starting second baseman and possibly an all Star".

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