My dear friends of the "civilized Western Left"

Many Europeans and Americans think we "little brown brothers" are fine living under the abusive jackboot of their corrupt left wing autocrat du jour. 
A communist dictator like Raúl Castro can parade himself around Paris as French elites hug and kiss him, and pals around with Obama, actors like Sean Penn and Danny Glover bask in the limelight as they oxygenate autocratic thugs like Chavez, an ignorant corrupt homophobe like Evo Morales goes around chirping about Mother Earth, and the demagoguery marches on. 

The world remains on two planes: the upper European and North Americans who are supposed to have ironclad human rights, and we, the unwashed Latin Americans who are supposed to enjoy repression and abuse, simply because it's done in the name of Karl Marx, hallowed be his name. 
And this, my dear friends of the European and North American left, and you, the blood sucking capitalists who will deal with the devil to extract one more ton of resources, won't do. We will not accept being taken into the night, we won't bow down to this social genocide you bring upon us. We will resist. And with luck and perseverance, we will destroy those regimes which abuse so much, and with so much impunity.

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