Disastrous sea level rise threatens planet

I have been reading about sea level rise and the horrible threat it poses to people living by the sea. This topic has turned hot in recent times, after famous climate scientist James Hansen published a paper about the subject.

The above paragraph is the hook. Now I'm going to show you the photograph to impress you even more:

Sea level is rising. The photograph doesn't show it because it's a very slow process. So I'm going to show you two plots. One is the sea level rise since 1900. The data shows sea level rose almost 250 mm (almost ten inches!).

The other plot shows sea level history going way back to the ice ages. This plot shows sea level rose a lot (120 meters, about 400 feet) when the giant ice glaciers that covered North America, Europe, and Asia melted.  

Hansen predicts sea level may rise a bunch in the future, but he isn't sure about the timing, which could be hundreds to thousands of years. It will never be like Water world, simply because there isn't that much ice. If the ice melts in large quantities, we could see sea level rise 10 meters. This isn't likely. But hey, in this world shit happens. The key is to understand it would take a lot of time. And that sea level rise stories, like most stories about climate change, are intended to scare you into supporting government policies likely to cost you a bunch of money. 

I don't want to sound controversial, but the whole issue smells like the Iraq WMD bullshit we got from Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, the New York Times, CNN AND Fox News in 2003. The players are different, but to me global warming isn't nearly as bad as they like to tout. I'm more worried about overpopulation, the flood of illegal aliens trying to invade Europe, USA, Australia, etc, and the way human right abusers like Raul Castro are becoming the "dictator a la mode" of the USA elites. 

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