Venezuela's conflict heating up

The USA added 8 Venezuela Supreme Court justices to the sanctions list, for abusing human rights (the Supreme Court is controlled by Maduro and serves as a key enabler for the dictatorship). The protest movement continues in Venezuela, thus far over 50 are dead, most of them killed by the regime, and who knows how many thousands are wounded. 

50 protesters have been killed, most of them shot 

USA sanctions on these crooks won't be as effective as they could be, because other countries don't cooperate. Many governments hide their mercenary nature by claiming "sanctions on individual Venezuelan regime leaders help regime propaganda". What they fail to account for is that regime propaganda is aimed at left wing radicals who will support communist dictatorship no matter what. 

These European, Latinamerican and USA communists are linked, their beacon or command centers are in Havana, Madrid, Buenos Aires, etc. The best way to defeat THEM is to go all out to free countries like Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea, because the horrors revealed after dictatorships fall are a powerful weapon against the worldwide communist scourge. 

Obama's policy, being friendly and legitimizing Raúl Castro, has failed miserably. The Europeans and latinamericans have historically aided and abetted these horrible regimes, blindly setting up the conditions to have their own societies destroyed. And if this doesn't change, in 50 years we will be in a dark age, dictatorships and pseudo democracies everywhere, controlling us with technology and taking humanity into hell. The Venezuelan protest movement may be a key turning point in the fight against dictatorship and slavery. 

Protesters face national guard units on the 
Francisco Fajardo highway elevated section, in 
Eastern Caracas. The regime is focused on not 
allowing protests in downtown Caracas, which 
starts right behind where the national guard units 
are blocking the highway. 

I am campaigning to have the USA, European Union and Canada stop giving visas to high level Maduro regime officials, and later will press to have their bank accounts frozen until they can show where the money came from. Reader´s help will be appreciated.
A few hours ago a Venezuelan flag vessel was captured off the Canary Islands with 2 1/2 metric tons of cocaine. Maybe the fact that Venezuela is the main conduit for cocaine into Europe will spur them into getting off their butts and doing something. 
The word is the Europeans are getting very worried because 600 thousand Venezuelans are dual citizenship and many of them are fleeing to Europe, but they are broke. So maybe now that the USA is cuddly with Castro and Trump is distracted with his inner demons the EU will do something. 
The "Front for Defense of the Constitution" was formally created in Caracas three days ago. The FDC is intended to create a united resistance to the Maduro dictatorship.
The leadership stressed the resistance must be pacific and that people must still insist on passive tactics (although it's evident that young people are starting to respond to regime attacks with whatever they got at hand).
I'm watching OAS Secretary Almagro give a speech in which he names Maduro's main associates, including military and interior ministry leaders. I don't expect this will get much coverage in the USA. In Europe the exiles are having a debate as to what they should do about regime leaders' relatives who have been moved to be away from the storm.
Thus far all I see is some social media items giving out the names and photos of Chavistas who live in Europe and the USA (for those in the USA the address is included). Many of them live in luxury with stolen or drug money, so it's a bit puzzling to figure out why Obama and the Europeans gave them visas. 

We are trying to keep this a peaceful protest. But there are hot heads ready to go and blow up oil wells and treating plants. And if that happens then it's going to be civil war. The only way to dampen that would be to show Maduro he´s isolated, and make sure his top echelon understands they will not be allowed to travel much outside Venezuela, nor put their stolen funds in free countries.  

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