Russian Strategy is a response to USA aggression

Putin is judiciously playing defensive chess. He uses very well targeted but cheap resources to undermine Russia's enemies. Given Hillary's inept conduct of foreign policy, it could be he's secretly rooting for a democrat win. 

As the world turns, the Russians will probably focus on weakening the European Union, strengthening the Cuba-Venezuela-Nicaragua axis (which seems to be also getting help from Obama), and assembling an alliance with Shiites and Allawites from Iran to Iraq to Syria and Lebanon. Syria has become a festering sore, this endless civil war has caused a huge wave of refugees, a cover/breeding ground for terrorists invading Europe.

Syria has been turned into rubble by a civil war 
instigated by Obama and Hillary Clinton 

It's evident Russia doesn't want to see the Islamic State terrorists make inroads in Russia proper, and are trying to erode its power without having a head to head confrontation with Obama's stupid Syrian policies. 

 It wouldn't surprise me to see them work quietly to undermine the Saudi dictatorship, the resulting chaos would surge oil prices, which in turn increases Russian cash flow. 

All of this is the result of Clinton-Bush-Obama foreign policy which has been clearly aiming at encircling and dismembering Russia.

I don't like Putin's autocratic methods, nor the corruption and abuses we see inside Russia. I hate the way they have been aiding the narco state in Venezuela and the Cuban dictatorship. But I must conclude that Putin is a natural response by Russian elites to USA aggression since the fall of the USSR. 

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