A discussion about USA foreign policy

I wrote this at the pig's blog. I just read it again and decided to cut and paste my comment here, because it summarizes very well how I feel. 

You simplify the problem. I've been researching the Middle East conflicts since I was 14 years old and moved into a Jewish neighborhood in the NY city suburbs. Being agnostic helped me blend in with my new found Jewish friends, and so I spent tons of times listening to different points of view about the Jewish Zionist versus Muslim and Christian Palestinians.
The ability to gain an insight into the points of view of a wide range of Jewish characters and writers (ranging from Meir Kahane to Rebbe Beck) gave me the ability to absorb and screen very diverse points of view.
Unfortunately for the USA population at large, it misreads history, doesn't understand Muslim grievances and social customs, and makes huge blunders most of the time. For example, invading Iraq and putting the Sunni minority under Shiite rule was incredibly dumb. The same applies to encouraging a Syrian rebellion by Sunnis fighting Allawites whose supportive clients were Syrian Christians.
Netanyahu's rather criminal settler policies add fuel to this fire, unfinished business in Afghanistan feed even more conflict and anger. Thus we have to conclude that either the USA gains a sudden dose of wisdom and decouples from Zionist Israeli policies (a feat the USA public isn't about to approve), or it had better face that its policies have caused a huge conflict which it somehow refuses to acknowledge. And this is a conflict it could lose in a few decades if terrorists manage to smuggle nuclear or biological weapons into USA cities. This seems to be a natural asymmetric response in what seems to be turning gradually into a genocidal war.
Being smart AND pragmatic I've come on the side of playing it as safe as possible. USA borders have to be much more secure, a wall, better coast guard,more intelligence and politicians who don't behave as Israeli pawns would definitely help. 

The whole discussion is here 

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