Spanish socialist teacher suggests castrating boys

A socialist party leader who belongs to the City Council of Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura), Aurelia Vera Rodriguez, said in one of her classes - she is a language teacher at the middle school Santiago de Alcalá in that town - that "children have to be castrated  at birth".  The students of 4th of ESO were stunned by the postulates of their teacher.

 During one of her classes to children between 14 and 15 years old, Vera, who just won re-election om May 26th, addresses the boys in her class, telling them that "they cut you the penis and nothing happens to you",  that we have to "make men stop governing, so that they give power to us.  Will they voluntarily do it?  No. We have to resort to selective castration. "

This teacher has been denounced of teaching abusive feminist doctrine during her classes.  Fortunately one of the students recorded her, and this recording has been presented as proof.  The official complaint has been filed by Francisco de Asís Serrano Castro, deputy and president of the Vox parliamentary group in Andalusia.

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The recording was played in Antena 3 here 

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