Wind Power Intermittency in Germany

The following graph was taken from a paper written at MIT by Professor Ignacio Perez-Arriaga:

 It shows why the German grid is having trouble with the increased amount of wind power being installed, and why the system instabilities are impacting nearby nations connected to the German grid.

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  1. It's an interesting paper - I've read parts of it, and I don't see any indication that the authors don't believe that wind/solar are viable. From page 4:

    "This paper will not question the basic premise that a large penetration of intermittent renewable sources of electricity generation will take place in existing power systems over the next two decades and further. The drivers for this change could be varied, but they will not be disputed here. Instead, the paper will examine the implications on capacity expansion, operation and control of power systems and the technical and (mostly) regulatory measures that will be needed to successfully integrate these new technologies in an efficient and secure manner."

  2. By the way, you might want to provide a link, or put the URL in your text, so that readers don't have to re-type it. Here it is: